Faith In Action: I will walk it out

Life is short. The life that matters is the life that is spent on others. The life that matters is the life that recognizes that love requires you to do something. We can spend our life chasing fame, riches or fleeting pleasures just to reach the end of this brief and momentary life to find that we have wasted our life. We have wasted our life living for our pleasure. 

We know that evil exists in this world. We know that injustice exists in this world. We know that there are all sorts of problems that face humanity and at times that knowledge overwhelms and paralyzes us. It stops us dead in our tracks and convinces us that the problem is too great for one person to tackle. But that is not the case. We may not be able to do everything, but we can do one thing. One thing for one person. For one family. For one community. We just have to get up, become determined and do something.

Here are some causes that you can connect with and commit to do something:

6000 kids die every day around the world due to water-related illnesses. We are joining together to help diminish this statistic. Connect with Cause6000 on its Facebook or Twitter Page.

A forcible rape is committed in NC every three hours; the Rape Crisis Center of Catawba County is working to bring down that number and offer help, hope and companionship to the people who fall victim to this heinous act. Connect with them (or your area's RCC) here.

These are two...will add more later but think of a way that you can do good and DO SOMETHING!
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