Christ is Coming; Let Us Prepare

So here we are. The day before Christmas. The advent of our savior is almost upon us. We have waited for him. We have prepared for him. And now we wait for him. 

We wait for him to come. We aren't fully sure of what he will bring when he comes. But we wait, still. We wait for him because we were foretold that his advent would bring with it deliverance.  We wait because with his advent comes hope. We wait because his advent brings peace. We wait because his advent brings joy. We wait because his advent brings love. 

We wait and we prepare. 
We wait. 
We prepare.

Exactly four weeks ago Kelly's and my lives were wrecked (in the best sense). We opened the door and let enter hurt. We opened our door and let enter fear. We opened our doors and let in guarded and skeptical hearts. We opened our door and let enter the unknown. Four weeks ago we opened our door and let enter joy. We opened our door and let enter joy. Four weeks ago we had two boys placed in our care. We officially became foster parents to two handsome, energetic, and clever boys.

For the past four weeks Christians have celebrated Advent (one of my favorites on the Christian calendar). Christians have prepared themselves for this advent. In our home we have prepared ourselves as a family by reading a daily devotion by Ann Voskamp. (I highly recommend this book) We have lit our advent wreath each Sunday. We have tried to be conscious of the hope, peace, joy, and love that this season of Advent points us toward. We have prepared our hearts.

Likewise, we prepared for those two fosters who came into our life four weeks ago. We started preparing for them well over a year ago. We attended the classes and soaked in all that we could (even the ridiculous parts). We prepared our hearts. We prepared our families and our friends. We readied the rooms. We prepared.

We prepared, as much as was possible, for those hurts, fears, and skeptical and guarded hearts. We have prepared and we are preparing. 

We know that the ultimate goal for these two particular kids is for them to be reunited with their biological parents. And nothing is more important than that. Nothing. Not our comfort. Not our broken hearts (which is inevitable). Not our own baggage. Our goal is to love these kids fully and without reserve until their bio parents can do so. We know that every child deserves (and I try to use that word very sparingly) to have folks who will love, protect, and "speak into" them. We want to do that.

Many have asked us (genuinely), "How can you do that?". That's a great question. It's a question that I ask myself. Each time M9 waits at his bed at bedtime waiting for me to throw him into bed. I asked myself that question each time M6 nonchalantly snuggles up against me. I ask that each time I hear them laughing. I ask that a lot, honestly. How can we? We can't. But we are compelled because of faith and because of love to rely upon the one who can: Christ in us. (Col. 1:27)

"We're foster parents; this is really happening." That is what I kept thinking after our social worker gave me a call the Tuesday prior asking if we would "take" the boys. That is what I continue to think whenever when I am going into their rooms to wake them for school. Well that and, "I wasn't red-dee".   I am not sure that I will ever be ready. But I am sure that Kelly and I have taken the dive and we are relying on the one who remains ready. 

Christ is coming. Let us prepare.

May we each prepare. May we each wait. May we each look beyond ourselves and our own interest and ask God, "For what shall I prepare? For what (or whom) shall I lay down my life. My wants. My comforts. What is "the good of others?Come, Lord Jesus; we are waiting.

Kelly, Quinton, Adri, and me. Quinton was our first child.
We love him so much. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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