It is told that William Wilberforce found his clarifying call and objective in life: The suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.

My prayer for me and my prayer for you, is that we will find our clarifying objective. May we each find that which sets our heart and passions aflame and write a story which speaks far after we die.

Martin Luther King, Jr. did it. Mahatma Ghandi did it. Mother Teresa did it. Mammie Goodwin did it. Dee Mosely did it.

How will you do it; how will I do it?

What great thing will we give ourselves to accomplishing?

What wrong will we commit to right?

For me, I think it is to be one who gives folks permission to hope and to be one who gives voice to injustices. Come what may, I want to be about *that* life. I want the decisions for my future to be filtered through those clarifying perspectives.

Each Tuesday, I say to my Storyline Lifegroup, "If we take this seriously and commit to putting the time into this study, I am convinced that it will be life-changing." It is true. I feel like there is clarity coming into my life that is good and refreshing.

Find your sub-plot in God's epic story, friends. Let's be about that life.

May the peace of our Lord, Jesus, be with you.

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