Abba's Child

Yesterday I had a great time with my friend, Martin. Today, I hung out with my friend, Brennan. Let me explain. Though I have two living and breathing friends named Martin and Brennan; I am referring to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Brennan Manning. I was able to connect with them through their writings. These men are incredible. They were each broken and imperfect men. They remind me that even in our most debased state, we can be powerful tools of change, hope and encouragement.

Life is an incredible thing. We get this one pass at it. We are made high. We are made low. We breathe. We move. Finally, we come to life's end.

Our lives will live on in the words we share. They will live on in the love we express. In the end, our stuff--the muchness which my friend, Brennan speaks about--will all be found wanting. In the end, our lives will have been lived well if we have lived it for others. If we have lived it making much of Christ and exhibiting his love, grace and hope to a desperate world. As broken and fallen as we are, we have a great capacity to change the world.

May we each live lives that are uncovered, vulnerable and ever mindful that we are--broken and all--Abba's child! May we lean into that truth. We are known. We are loved. We belong!

I encourage you to read, Abba's Child: THe cry of the heart for intimate belonging by Brennan Manning. Get you a copy from Amazon!

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