Asinine, Adverse and Irresponsible



: extremely or utterly foolish asinine
: of, relating to, or resembling an ass

This is the only term that I can conjure to describe this meme that has been around for quite a while. I have actually seen this shirt worn by a person. I am sure had I seen this back when I was in High School that I might have worn it myself. However, now all I can do is shake my head while my heart breaks. My heart breaks when I hear well meaning people saying and sharing this to explain the downright atrocious and heinous acts of Friday in Newtown, CT.
When something this terrible occurs we each want an answer to the, "Why?!" of desperation that we each ask. We want to make sense of something that is senseless. We each want to be able to fully understand that which is incomprehensible. There are times when the only thing we can say is, "I can't fully understand this tragic and evil act." Among the hardest things to do as a leader, Pastor, parent or any other person who is supposed to give the answers is to not be able to give an answer. But there are times when to say something that is not accurate can cause more damage than good. 
Following this senseless killing spree Former Governor Mike Huckabee went on a show and said the shootings we no surprise since we have, "systematically removed God from our schools." This implies that God was okay with 20 babies and 6 adults being slain since he was not allowed to the party that we call public schools. I challenge someone to provide me clear evidence for this theological position. 
We do harm to people and harm to The Church when we perpetuate these views. How do we simultaneously tell parents that this happened because God is not allowed in our schools but run to him for strength and hope. To hold to this theology makes God complicit in the senseless act of a mentally disturbed individual. 
There is hope in Christ. On this beginning of Advent Week 3 the theme is joy. It is in these terrible times where we can most separate joy from I happiness. There is no happiness to be found in days like Friday. There is nothing happy about thinking of twenty babies being shot. Nothing. However, joy--that which the angels heralded--is rooted in Jesus. In these terribly frightening times we find our hope in him. We believe--with great faith and expectancy--that every tear will be wiped and every heart will be bound. We believe that all things will be made right.
So, no. God did not cause this. So, no. This did not happen because God has been expelled from our schools.

God of mercy, peace, joy and love, we pray that you will comfort the hurting. We pray that you will bind up the broken. God of hope, grant it to us today.

***Side Note:I challenge the premise that God is not allowed in the schools; he is. I attended public school. At my public high school I founded a Christian club where we basically held church services at our school. Granted it was back in 1997 when the club was founded but so far as I am aware that club is still active at Dudley High School in Greensboro, NC today...fifteen years later. God is not barred from schools; we just can't force kids to serve or worship God while at school.***

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