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What seems to be missing in this whole debate surrounding "#My2K" and the taxes is the reality that the Bush Era tax cuts were sold to us as temporary. Now everyone feel entitled to keep them in perpetuity. I am an advocate for allowing the tax cuts to expire for everyone. We can't continue down this road that continues to divide us. If, after allowing them to expire, we need to look at rewriting the tax codes to help out the middle class then let's do that. However, we must all admit that we will all have to bear this burden together. The current course is clearly unsustainable. However, for folks who want to say that "Obamacare", Medicare/aid and Social Security alone are what's "the drag" on this economy I simply disagree.

Folks on "my team" have to be willing to bend and folks on the other side of this debate must be willing to bend. Democracy is the art of compromise. If we come to the negotiation table with all of the things that we are not going to give on then we just as well have stayed home.

We had an election and, as the saying goes, "Elections have consequences." Folks on the political right must get the point that they lost and with that lost should come the realization that "the American people" did sign off on the President's plan on getting us back on track. However, folks on the political left must understand that the Constitution gives the House of Representatives "the power of the purse" and since that body is under the leadership of the GOP we can't expect that they are going to give everything and we give nothing.

We need adults in Washington who are willing to lead for the good of this nation and not for the good of our respective political parties.

Let me finish with a quote from a great American, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. :

"We must learn to live together as brothers or die together as fools."

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