On Father's Day I find myself thinking, like most folks, about my dad. I remember growing up that I would call dad, "madeddy" (I will let you figure out that one; it isn't that hard, promise). I guess I could sit here and write all of the things that I wish dad had done differently, but I honestly do not spend much time thinking about that. My parents were separated for most of my life growing up and that was, for me, normal.

I can remember dad coming to pick up my siblings and me to take us down to Reidsville to spend the summer or weekend with him. I was always so excited to go down to Reidsville. I think mainly because it was in the country and we pretty much had carte blanche when we were there. I always remember my dad being pretty chill and laid back. He rarely got flustered and bent out of shape. He always was good for a laugh. He was a funny guy and seemed to be King of the "TP" or trailer park where he lived.

My favorite memories of dad, however, are the memories that I have with him since I have been an adult. He is one of the easiest people to talk with (if you can get past his southern drawl) and is as wise as he is funny. Some of the toughest times in my life as an adult, I have been able to rely on dad. He has always been there to talk. When I have an issue with my car; dad is there to fix it (normally paying for the parts and all). When I got my first two speeding tickets in college (within the same week) dad paid for the attorney to handle it (reminding me that he would, "Only do this shit once foe any legal matter"). When the girl whom I thought I would marry broke up with me, dad was there...listening and willing to give advice if I needed it. More than anything, though, he listened. He was there when I needed some real advice about the woman who I was blessed to marry. It was in those conversations with dad that he told me to, "start how I intend to finish"; advice that I remember and apply to this day. Every couple who asks me to officiate their wedding will hear my dad's advice during our pre-marriage counseling sessions. Most recently, dad was there during the most depressing time that I have ever experienced. I remember being so despondent and hopeless. I drove to Reidsville for the night just to talk with dad. I just needed to be in the same room with him, hearing him talk to me. Seeing the concern on his face when he saw me so down was, oddly, what God used to kick start me back to reality.

My dad may not have been the poster dad for some. He might not have been all each of my games growing up. But, to me, he is the most incredible dad. He is incredible and I love him so much. John McKinnon, I love you and will forever cherish you as my father and as my friend. Thank you for doing the best job that you knew to do.

Happy Father's day, madeddy!

Here are some of my pictures of dad. Man, I love my dad!

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Unknown said...

Love it man. Great post. Happy Father's Day! Quinton is blessed.

Ray McKinnon said...

Thanks bro. Zay is blessed to have you. You are such a great father! Real talk.

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