You know what is great about having friends? Laughter. Laughter is so underrated. When I get together with any of my firends there is sure to be copious amounts of laughter. You see, Karl Barth says that laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God. I cannot agree more with him. If you do not have friends with whom you can laugh deeply, then I implore you to find a few. I am talking about the laughter that cleanses the soul. Laughter that says, "No manner of hell that comes against me, I shall overcome." Laughter that looks into the face of adversity and declares, "You lose!"

Tonight, I was able to be with those whom I am able to be naked and unashamed. I was able to be Ray Shawn McKinnon and know that those folks would not shun me. I know how rare it is to have a group of folks with whom this is possible. Abba, I thank you for laughter. I thank you for friends. Abba, I thank you for your grace!

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