Today two members of our lifegroup officially joined Christ Church! It was such a fun experience. Not only did they both join, but Abby--the wife--was also baptized. Days like these are why I love Christ Church! I love that Abby did not just want her actual family there, but her lifegroup "family" there. It was great. We were all there sharing in this incredible milestone in Abby and Arnold's life. We are learning to love each other and to grow together! This semester has been so great. We are growing together...growing in our love for God and our love for each other. I love our church and a large reason is because of the folks within my lifegroup with whom I share life. Members of life groups are able to share times of deep excitement as well as times of deep sorrow. Over the past ten or so weeks, our group has shared some tough things with one another and I am a blessed guy because I am in a life group. I love my group!

Congrats, Arnold and Abbs; I love you both!

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