Known. Loved. Forgiven

I have not written a blog entry in a while. The thing that I love about my blog is that I can write here when I want to release. I have not illusions of grandeur as a result of this blog. It does, however, excite me that I will be able to look back years from now (hopefully) and know where I was years prior. 

I am finding that my relationship with the lover of my soul deepens and grows as I age. Sorta like my love for Kelly. Almost immediately, I knew that this woman made me feel some kind of way. But even still now, she makes me feel some kind of way but more intensely. My love for her grows exponentially. I truly love her more today than I did when I proposed to her Christmas Eve 2004 in Jonathan's bedroom. The same is true with God. The dimensions of my love toward him have grown so much. Especially in this past year. The real grace, love and forgiveness of God have been incredible. In the time that I felt most unlovable and accepted I was wrapped securely in the love of God. I was shown that no matter my state that I am loved. I am known. I am forgiven. 

God, thank you that when these dry bones cry out you answer and bring life! Gah, Abba, I love you!

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