I am the 1%

This week's occupy movement has been very active this week. The protesters across the world have faced some pretty harsh treatment in an attempt to stymie progress or change. The merits of the protest will have to be for another blog entry. Now to me being the 1%; I shall explain.

Here is why I am the 1%

One of the things that I think we take for granted most in our world are the people who are in our lives--the human capitol. I am so honored to have the human capitol that I indeed do have. For starters, I have such an amazing, supportive and loving wife. I am not just saying that because I know that she is going to read this either; she is great. Then I think about my family. I know that there are some families that really do not like each other (mine def has its moments) but for the most part my family is so loving and supportive. I have a mom who just calls "to hear my happy  voice" and would do anything just to be able to see me. I have a dad who loves me and gives me the space that I need and does not take it personally when I do not get over to visit him as much as I would like or should. I have siblings and their spouses and children who love me. I mean, they legit love me and care whether they do or do not see me. They seem to be happy when we get the opportunity to talk on the phone and more happy when we all get to see each other in person. This is huge. This is such a blessing. If that were all, I would feel abundantly blessed and content. Only, that is not all. In addition to my great wife, parents and siblings, I have incredible friends! I have friends who it feels weird to call friends because I feel as close to them as I do my family (and that is huge because I am hella close to my family). Tonetta, Jesse, Camille, Allen and Bethany are friends who I know would love me in my darkest and roughest times; because they have. I am so appreciative to have not just one, but five friends who I know have my back. Love me enough to be honest and will love me despite my fallen, broken self. Then I look to the burgeoning friendships and I get overwhelmed. I have told Kelly on more than one occasion that I sometimes feel guilty because I feel like a one "percentor" when it comes to human capitol. I love people strongly and deeply but I am also loved strongly and deeply. It is sometimes too much. For the human capitol I am eternally grateful and I am rich. I confess, I am the one percent...

Thank you each for loving me. Thank you each for making me among the one percent.

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Bethany Oakes said...

Oh Ray! Thank you for such a fantastic shout out! I <3 you too!

Ray McKinnon said...

Hmm. Guess it's the thought that counts... :-) Love you, too! :-)

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