Lifegroups: Where Life Change Happens

Seven weeks ago Kelly and I lead and hosted our first life group at our home for Christ Church. We are nearing a year since we moved from Greensboro here to Hickory. The circumstances that we moved here under were less than ideal. We had a lot of healing to do. For that reason, we decided that we would take all of the time that we needed to just soak in the goodness that is offered at Christ Church. Kelly and I are members (well, she still has to take the class) of the Fairgrove Campus of Christ Church. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of folks who are CC members before we moved here. That was great. However, we had not really gotten the opportunity to meet many folks at the other campuses. Our Taste and See Life Group changed all of that. 

Seven weeks ago today, fourteen folks who we had never met walked into our home. The folks who came were attendees at both the Fairgrove and Mt. View campuses. Our group has folks who are married, divorced, single and widowed. There are folks who are parents to toddlers, teenagers and young adults (such as are Kelly and me). Some folks have been on this Christian journey for a long while and some not such a long while. We have varied and different political, theological and philosophical beliefs. But we work. Over these past seven weeks, we have gotten increasingly close and open with one another. We are learning to lower our defensive walls and be honest; becoming vulnerable. Over food (that each unit brings) and conversation we are becoming a community!

Lifegroup has given us the opportunity to love openly. To use our gifts of hospitality and sheparding in a way that may not have been possibly otherwise in a church our size. I love our church; I love our Life group! This group is allowing us to get to a place where we, in fact, share life together. 

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rockinabbs29 said...

We love lifegroup! this is an awesome thing for the church to do. Please tell me the "taste and see" will definately continue into something more permanent! and we still need to have that night with the movie! :) :)

Ray McKinnon said...

Thank you, Abbs! We love you.

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