Guilty Pleasures

So...I was reading a friend's blog a short while ago. He wrote about his guilty pleasures. That, of course, got me thinking about some of my guilty pleasures. Guilty know. Those things that you just love but hate that you love and you def do not tell others that you love them. Well...Tim asked, so I am going to tell. Here is my list of guilty pleasures. #DontJudgeMe

Real World- The MTV show that I have watched for as long as I can remember. There is so much about that show that I really like and I know that it doesn't make a lot of sense. I feel guilty watching it...but I keep watching it. I have even gotten Kelly addicted to it, too.
  1. Fruit Snacks- Like my buddy Tim, I, too, love these things. I have a three year old godson who also loves these. I feel so guilty when I eat his fruit snacks. Kels bought a batch of them a while back for the Booge when he comes over...I ate them.
  2. Creepin' on Social Media Sites- You know what I mean. Like on FB when you have not seen a person in a long while and you go through and see their pictures. Kinda creepy but I do that. The worst is when I get to a very old pic and comment on it and they are all sketched out like, "Bro, did you really just go through those hundreds of pics?" To which I reply, "Nah, man. I just went to that one specifically..." Or on Twitter, when I sometimes go through and read the old tweets and their favorites. Is this too much? I'm gonna stop now...
  3. Hallmark Movies- I know...I know. But I really like watching those Hallmark movies... especially the Christmas ones. They always make me cry.
  4. Drinking out of the jug- I am not sure if this is throwback to the college days or what, but I love drinking out of the container. I know it is gross. I know that Kelly hates it. But I love it. It tastes better
  5. Dipping- Yes. That kind of dipping. The long cut tobacco dipping. I used to do it on a regular basis but not so much anymore. But I love it. I remember my dad dipping Red Man when I was a kid and always wanting to try it. Yep. Long cut or pouches.

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Tim said...

Now don't you feel better? I love the "drinking from the jug" one. I've found a way to drink from it without actually touching it to my lips. It comes in handy when I'm at friends' houses with whom I have refrigerator rights. Now you're wondering if I did it at your crib, huh?

rockinabbs29 said...

Fruit snacks? seriously? my 4 and 5 year old LOVE these things. they are gross. But Arnold loves to steal from them ;) So i guess he agrees with you.

Oh well I am all with you on the FB creeping.. yeah Im weird like that. I look at everyones pics, from way back.. and enjoy that :)

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