Critical Thinking

The events of the last few months have led me to question a lot of things. I concede that I often will pose questions and take positions that I know, from the outset, will be controversial and lightning rods. I do this, not merely to be controversial or contrary, but because I believe the tension is good; the tension evokes thought; critical thinking.

For a class that I am taking, I had to define critical thinking. Critical thinking is thinking rationally, logically and with fresh eyes. This has a place, a very prominent place within Christendom. When we shut down thought and differing perspectives, we become stagnant and religious. Whenever the Church has required for group think we have gone down the wrong track (my mind goes instantly to the Crusades and Reformation).

So, in light of Rob Bell, the debate of the death of Osama bin Laden, and the continuing debate over homosexuals, I think that these tensions are good and godly. May we never become so comfortable and sure of our current positions that we are unable to have the discourse. May we always celebrate the tensions and live out the love. In the end, God will reveal--once and for all--the truth. I believe that we will all be surprised, in the end, that things are rarely as cut and dry as we believe.

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