Is Hope Enough?

My life has been so full. When I look at all that I have been given, I rarely feel that I have missed out. Granted, I am not rich. Granted, I was not raised in a traditional two-parent home. Granted I have done much to be ashamed about. But with all of that, I have a full and blessed life!

I have a wife who is loyal and gracious beyond words. I have a family that, if given the choice, I would choose to have. I have friends who are family. And I have hope; hope is enough.

Holy week is a time for me to reflect on the blessings betowed upon me by the all powerful, knowing and loving God. I indeed have hope for a better tomorrow because of the finished work of Christ yesterday. My savior loves me and I know that in the end, love--in fact--wins!

Yes. Hope is enough.
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Anonymous said...

As a cure for worrying, work is better than whisky.

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