Really, President Obama...Really?

So today while at work I stopped off in the waiting area to check on the score of the Duke game, naturally they were eviscerating whatever bottom seed they were playing at the time. Then there was an interruption for an address from the President, Barack Obama. I thought, "Hmm, this must be important." It was. The President went on to talk about the atrocities happening in Libya. As I continued to listen I got a sense of de ja vu. I felt like I'd heard the talk of international intervention in a conflict area before. Then it hit me; I had...from the former President.

We have dithered our way into Iraq and I fear that we might be on our way to committing the same hasty error all over again. I am over Presidents thinking that we must always threaten military intervention. We are already stretched to the breaking point financially with two ongoing conflicts and we very well might be headed into a third. I am committing here and now to not vote to re-elect President Obama if this becomes what I fear it might. For the first time since I have been eligible to vote, I will either refuse to vote for a presidential candidate or toss my vote in that particular category. Then there is always theoption of voting for Ron Paul.

Really, President Obama, really?!
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Anonymous said...

Say if I were broke, not only broke but owed several people a lot of money, I'd be very leery of driving to a different town & parking my RV, that's still not paid for & gets awful gas mileage so I can offer to help people that do not want me there anyhow. What I need to do is figure a way to create more income & be more self-reliant so I don't have to worry about such squabbles. Who wants to be slaves to the debtor?

Ray McKinnon said...

Whatever that means...

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