Fix and Strengthen

Back in October, Kelly and I made the move from Greensboro, NC to Hickory, NC. Not that far of a drive, really but it was a huge change for us. Since we married I have always served as a full-time Pastor (Youth or Executive) and this is the first time when I am not serving as a Pastor. This past Tuesday, I was hired by a local car dealership to become one of its newest salespersons. I am extremely excited and nervous all at the same time. I am excited for the same reason that I am nervous: something totally new that I have never done before.

This whole experience has given me new perspective and a new outlook. While serving as a Pastor, ironically, I got most of my fulfillment from the approval and accolades of others. I felt important and purposeful by sheer virtue of my title (inherently that is a problem that can be discussed in later posts). The problem with this, I found, is that when you place that much power in other people's fickle emotions and hands you give them unhealthy power over you. When things are great and you continue to do the right thing, then you do not feel the negative effects of this capitulation of power. However, when things are not going so well and when you fail to do your part then it will become painfully obvious why such a capitulation can be very dangerous. In light of this, Hebrews 12:2,12 has new meaning and significance in my life.

The two phrases that stick out to me from these verses are:

Fix your eyes on Jesus (12:2)
Strengthen your feeble arms...weak knees (12:12) 

During this new season, I am committed to keep my focus on Jesus. Seek to be right in his eyes first. I am also committing to strengthen my feeble arms and weak knees. I am committed to grow and to continue in that growth.

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