There is a Sanctus Real song named, "Whatever You're Doing" (the video is below).

They question, "Am I doing everything to follow your will or just climbing aimlessly over these hills?...Show me what it is you want from me. I give everything; I surrender." I sense in the most clear way that is possible, that at this point in my life God is calling me to speak out about the wrongs that have been perpetuated against Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered folks. Did you know that every five hours an LGBT teen commits suicide? This is an outrage that I fear the Church (and me as a member and minister within the Church) has had a hand in facilitating.

There are folks who may chock up this latest "Soap Box" to my already liberal leanings. There are still others who may use this new thing that God is doing inside of  me to dismiss me altogether. That is honestly very scary. I am fearful to keep quiet and not get too "carried away" with this subject. After all, this whole thing started because of a new Talk Series for Awaken and after I get through delivering it I can forget about it and move on, right? The part of me that has been trained by ten years of ministry work inside the local church is screaming out, "Don't go too far off of the reservation; what will "they" (the seasoned Christians and Pastors) think.?" That side of me is begging, "How will you answer the critics who say that you are accepting of these abominations?" Without relenting is asks, "Are you saying that "they" (the gays) are right and the Church is wrong; haven't you read Romans 1?"

Honestly, I don't know the future and what may come from this. But this I know: I will surrender to what he is doing inside of me. I know this: I will not only fight the fights that I can win but also the fights that just need fighting. I know: Love covers a multitude of sins. I know: Jesus loves.

It is very hard to surrender to what I can't see, but I am giving in to something heavenly!

Pray for me; I'm scared...

Billy Graham has been quoted as saying, "It's the Holy Spirit's job to convict, God's job to judge and my job to love." Truer words could not have been spoken. So often as believers we confuse our role. A good friend of mine says a lot that we, "wanna be holy ghost junior." 

When the Son of Man returns, I want him to find me being about the business of loving folks. I don't want to have wasted all of my time trying to do God or the Holy Spirit's job. I don't want to waste the brief moments of my fleeting life telling people how much God wants to punish them. It has been said that the Good News, isn't Good News unless we tell people the bad news (I am sure I have made that asinine statement). That is false on its face. The Good News never ceases to be Good News. The Good News: That Jesus came so that we will never have to be separated from God is true whether we clobber folks over the head with their sin or not. If we were to be honest, the reality is that, so often, we use this argument to justify our bigotry, callousness,  phobias or outright hatred. Folks, all too often, are acutely aware of how messed up they are. What I want to spend my breaths on is speaking love and living love.

The word love is mentioned approximately 180 times in the New Testament alone. We can't claim to believe in, and love Jesus--whom we have never seen--but harbor hate and malice in our hearts toward folks who we do see. No. Hatred, bigotry and fear have never been--and will never be--desirable, God traits. Hatred is from another source altogether.
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