Next week Awaken City Church will begin a new six-week series entitled, "Soap Box". Yesterday our Experience Pastor gave me a heads up that he needed my topic by the end of the week or early in next week and I was stumped. Most folks know that I am in no short supply of Soapboxes on which to stand and give my opinions. I thought about talking about the church's marriage to the Grand Old Party. It crossed my mind to speak about the oppression that unfortunately still occurs within the church to women. Then there was the over or under emphasis on money within the church, which seemed most fitting to my role as Executive Pastor. But, at the end of it all there was no peace within. I didn't feel like either of those is where it was. So today, while checking Twitter, I read a tweet that asked simply, "How is your church communicating to the gay community; maybe a humble apology is needed." That grabbed me and refused to let me go! (read the blog post by Tim Schraeder here:

God has been doing somethings in my heart in the past four years so far as it concerns gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered folks. This past week while in the ocean with one of my dearest friends on earth, Frank Bishoff, I shared some of those things with him. It was a good conversation. About four years ago one of my longest and closest friends "came out" to me. Instead of loving her, I judged her and I am sure that I hurt her.

When this friend of mine came out, it forced me to put a name and a face on "those people". It forced me to see that "those people" are people. I can't say that I have resolved everything so far as it concerns homosexuality; I don't know that I have to. One thing I know for sure is that I, and the Church (universal), of which I am a minister and representative have done a terrible job of loving people. We have elevated homosexuality to such a level that we can't see that the mandate to love and bind up (most often from the pains that we have inflicted) applies to gay folks too.

I am happy that I serve at a church where I can share this soap box topic without fear of losing my job, which is sadly not the case with a lot of my friends who work at a church. I have had my share of Christian object to my approach to the LGBT community, and I am OK with that. Just a month ago, I had some surprised that I would marry a heterosexual couple because they had lesbians in their wedding party. I can't worry with the naysayers, I must be about the business of loving folks and leave the sorting out to God.

I am excited at how God is going to bring this talk together. Pray with me that it will communicate the heart of God for all people.


Broken and Humbled,


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