Obama or McCain...definetly Obama!

I have said it repeatedly that I am not anti-Obama; I am pro-Hillary. I will stand with HRC as long as she is in the running. It is my solemn belief that she is the best candidate that we have in the this race to lead our Country. She has passion, she has real plans that can possibly work and she has some great experience.

With that said, I want to make it clear, without equivocation, that I will NOT support John McCain if HRC does not win my party's nomination. If I had to choose between Barack Obama and John McCain, hands down, Obama. I do not trust McCain as far as I could throw him. He would give this country much as we have gotten under President Bush. There does not seem to be any real scrutiny of this man. It would be tragic, in one Red Letter Youth Pastor's Opinion, to have John McCain as our President. McCain is just too much for me. His Justice Department would be a mirror image of the Bush Justice Department. They would continue to roll back the clock on civil rights, women's rights, and privacy. They will continue to practice intimidation.

Won't the real McCain, please stand up:

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