May 6: Bitter-Sweet

Last night was mixed for me. I must say that I was extremely disappointed that Hillary did not do better than she did here in NC. I can tell you this, it was not for a lack of trying on her part or on the part of her supporters. I was happy to hear (finally...) that she won Indiana. I do hope that she stays in this race; she really is the best bet that we have to defeat McCain and that Republican attack machine. Hillary, you keep going as long as is necessary!

Unfortunately, the guy who I supported for Lt. Governor, Walter Dellinger, lost to Walter Dalton...but not by much. Alas, a loss is a loss...yeah?

On a lighter note, so many of the others who I support won decisive victories last night. For instance, on the local level Bernadette won the at-large commissioner seat. Glenn Gerding did not win the top seat but he made the cut to be one of two in November. Then we have the vicotories by Bev Perdue, Kay Hagan, Beth Wood, Wayne Goodwin, June Atkinson, and Janet Cowell .

My newest favorite Republican also had an outrageous victory against Republican status quo, Augustus Cho. I am so happy for this defeat. William "BJ" Lawson, is going to go against David Price in November and I think that it is time for change there and BJ is the guy to bring it. He is principled, intelligent and willing to stand alone, if need be. Congratulations, BJ!

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