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I am gonna tell you what, besides kids of my own I am not sure if I can love anyone's kids the way that I love my nieces and nephews. I must say, too, that my youngest nephew, Ian, has especially gotten my heart; he is so great. On Mother's Day I got the rare privilege to hang with him and his big sister and parents. We had such a great time. I, of course, took so many pictures and videos. I want to share them with you here. It really does make me desirous to hurry the day when Kelly and I have kids of our own.

Today also brought with it a victory for the HRC campaign. I am happy that she did so well in West Virginia. Of course, the mainstream media would lead you to believe that this race is effectively over and they are now calling BHO the "presumptive nominee" for the Democratic Party. Well, let me tell you, they had better not count our HRC just yet. They had better not sleep on her, nor her supporters. I think that it is very important for our party to take a long hard look at the candidate who is going to me most able to capture victory for us in the fall as well as who has the best plan for this nation. When the DNC and the super delegates do these things it is going to be very clear who is the winner!

I find it interesting that so many have counted her out of this race and BHO has all but declared victory. It would behoove the DNC-RBC to come up with a plan for the Michiganders and the Floridians that does not alienate them in the fall; if their delegates are not sat and if the votes don't count I am not sure it it will much matter is the nominee come June; we stand the chance of losing because we will have alienate millions of voters in those two states. It is the most asinine thing that I have heard to suggest that the people of Florida and Michigan's votes for the Democratic Presidential Nominee should not count. I can tell you right now that if I cast my vote and it did not count that I would be livid and would certainly not bother to give them my vote in November when it did not count in the Primary. So, to all of the Obama-ites and Obama-cans (Republicans who are supporting Obama; they do exist...believe it or not...) I would advise against counting those proverbial chickens before they are hatched.

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