BJ Lawson for Congress


I met BJ last Friday night at the Last Friday event in Hillsborough. As many of you know I am a Democrat who is campaigning for Hillary. I met BJ and his family while I was campaigning for Hillary. They are wonderful. He has such great ideas that really work if you are a Democrat or a Republican. He gets his marching orders not from a party platform but from the constitution itself. BJ is no lifetime politician either. He is a physician by trade but really knows that he has something to offer our nation by serving District 4.

He is joined our church Sunday in serving our community through acts of service to our community.

I would like to invite you to visit his website, You will be able to read more about him, why he is running, and how he thinks we can work together to have a federal government that respects the Constitution.

He needs your support in the Republican primary on May 6th.

I also encourage you to watch the videos from the recent debate with his primary opponent. The differences are striking:

Thank you for taking the time to consider his candidacy. We look forward to continuing this conversation with you.

When he wins the nomination in May, I am going to do my best to campaign for him in the general election against David Price, a Democrat I have previoulsy supported, because I believe in BJ that much! Please take the time to visit the site and if you are a Republican please be sure to vote for him!

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