Are you kidding me Pelosi and Reid?

I can't express how disappointed I am that the Democrats folded and abdicated their responsibility to the very party that they were sent to replace. It is preposterous what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are saying. "We will continue the fight", Nancy says. It is sad that after one veto they gave in to the manipulation of the GOP leadership.

They should have sent the very same bill that the President vetoed back to his desk without revision and left the onus on Mr. Bush. If he were to continue the veto then it is he who is holding up the funding for the troops, not the Democrats. Even still, if we are as anti this war as we say that we are, why continue the funding? When the current funding ends, then that is the President's indication that it is time to end this debacle and bring home our brave fighters.

You know, I was talking to a friend of mine today (at his daughter's preschool graduation) who is a soldier. He came back from Iraq not long ago and he said that he never wants to return there. He said that he would rather go to Darfur, where he knows that he will make a difference. That is no exaggeration of addition. He is not the only soldier who is less than enthusiastic about this war.

Shame on my party for being "punked" this "compromise". I am glad that we finally got a hike in the min. wage, but the price may have been too high. No pun intended.

So sad!

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